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KBCT — a Better Way of Breast Imaging

KBCT v1.5 Production Model
KBCT v1.5 Production Model


A Better Way of Breast Imaging

  • Real 3D
  • No Compression
  • Low Dose

Koning’s 3D KBCT

Watch KBCT in Action

Koning’s 3D KBCT produces high-contrast Real 3D images of the breast with exceptional spatial resolution, no painful compression, in a rapid 10-second exposure, at radiation levels in the range of diagnostic mammograms

Learn more about KBCT (Koning Breast Computed Tomography)

What Experts Say About Koning

KBCT Compared to Traditional Modalities

DBTDigital Breast Tomosynthesis
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
CTComputed Tomography
KBCTKoning Breast
Computed Tomography
Real 3D
No Compression
Low Dose
Not Claustrophobic
Low False-Positive Rate
Low False-Negative Rate

Koning KBCT 3D Features

Real 3D

Isotropic images in 3D display allows evaluation of tissue from any angle eliminating overlapping structures

No Compression

No compression of the breast eliminates a long standing patient complaint about mammography, while physicians obtain images that are not deformed

Low Dose

KBCT generates images with similar
dose to diagnostic mammograms,
a major breakthrough for CT technology

Each Output of a KBCT Scan is a 3D Image

Contrast enhanced

Breast Cancer Statistics


Breast cancer deaths
expected in 2016


5-year survival rate
with stage 0 and 1 detection


5-year survival rate
with stage 4 detection


Current breast imaging
devices fail to demonstrate as
many as 30% of breast cancers

Finding breast cancer early is the cure.
But existing technologies cannot find it early enough.

KBCT is Available Worldwide

  • Installed
  • Coming Soon
New York
Massachusetts, USA
New York, USA
Knoxville, TN, USA
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Doha, Qatar
Bangkok, Thailand
Hongkong, China
Tianjin, China
Guangzhou, China

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    We believe our Koning Breast CT will dramatically improve the way clinicians visualize and evaluate breast tissue. Future versions of our technology are expected to optimize early disease detection, diagnosis, intervention and treatment in numerous areas of the body. Our hope is to be able to improve survival rates and outcomes for millions of patients. Become a Provider by installing KBCT in your hospital.

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