Finding breast cancer early is the cure. But existing technologies cannot find it early enough...

KBCT can.

Help thousands of women cure their breast cancer
by installing KBCT in your facility.

KBCT simplifies the existing workflow,
saving time, reducing recalls, and improving efficacy.

KBCT is able to fit in most facility rooms.

Facility floorplan with KBCT Facility floorplan with KBCT

The main issue with the existing workflow is that
there are a lot of devices used.

KBCT can replace multiple procedures
(MRI, stereotactic biopsy, FFDM/DBT)
reducing future capital expenditures.

Without KBCT
Facility floorplan without KBCT
Facility floorplan with KBCT

KBCT has been well studied by clinical experts around the world.

We have been developing KBCT for over 20 years
to make it the most advanced device for breast cancer detection.

KBCT v1.5 Production Model
KBCT v1.5 Production Model

KBCT Specs

Multiple options to fit the facility need in both single and three phase
Table Capacity
200 kg (~441 lbs.)
Resting Table Height
70 cm (27 in.) resting table height
Elevates to 1.5 m (~5 ft.) for biopsy
Recommended Room Size
3 m x 4.3 m (~10 ft. x ~14 ft.)
Voxel size in Standard mode = 0.273mm³
High Resolution mode = 0.155mm³
Product Catalogue Number
Imaging system = CBCT1000, Biopsy Kit = BxB1000

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